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Merlin’s latest mission – Eva Ulla Linnéa Albertsdotter Enblom 16 September 2016

A wonderful story of magic, adventure and romance – with a high relevance to our time. What would Merlin do if he woke up today? Of course he would be greatly concerned for the environment. (Once he got his bearings after being out of it for centuries – don’t worry, this book covers that part too!) This is the story of what he will do about it. Rhuddem Gwelin knows her Merlin well, all aspects of him. Her novel is a colourful weft, drawing on many legends, all well researched and seamlessly combined into a coherent background for this truly enchanting tale.

A truly great read! – Blädderblad 26 juli 2016

……I have just read the first book in the series, “Protecting Cheesyfee” (volume 4, but actually the first in the series, for a reason…) and I was completely carried away! I didn’t want to get off the train or stop reading when I got to my bike on my way to work. What a great read! I truly recommend it and look forward to reading the coming books in the series.

på svenska: Jag har just läst ut den första boken i Rhuddem Gwelins serie om Merlin, “Protecting Cheesyfee”, och är helt uppslukad. Ville inte gå av pendeltåget eller sluta läsa när jag kom till cykeln! Så bra och välskriven; spännande handling, intressanta karaktärer och massor med intressanta historiska kopplingar. Rekommenderas varmt!

(P.S. Volume 4 är “första delen”.)

SF Forum Nr 1 2016  
Review by Tomas Cronholm

…spännande…humoristisk…riktigt trevlig läsning…speciellt för dem som är intresserad av Arturmyten, Shakespeare och London

In English: …exciting…humoristic…really pleasurable reading…especially for those who are interested in the Arthur myth, Shakespeare and London.