Reviews The Nature of Things

On Bokus – Jojo 27 July 2016

Fans of high fantasy, this is quite something! Set in the world of King Arthur and Merlin, this book takes you on a wonderful journey into the core of the society of all classes. This is a story of friendship, of fear, of love and, perhaps above all, of the struggle for equality and freedom. The grand plot and the highly contemporary themes are not the main focus though. It is depicted through the fate of the characters, who will inevitably become your friends and both break your heart and mend it again. The Nature of Things is, in short, full of magic of all kinds.

On Bugeyed Monsters –  Tomas Cronholm August 2016

The title is of course borrowed from Lucretius and his work shows up eventually in this first part about Merlin, his early life in Tintagel and other places in the Arthur legend. It’s an interesting narration about life in 6th century England and here magic functions, not like in Nicola Griffiths Hild where magicians only seem to have magic powers. In this book as well the conflict between Christianity and the Druid religion is shown. Already in the first part Merlin doesn’t age naturally which explains how he can return in other parts of the series, for example the already published Protecting Cheesyfee. This first part is at least as exciting as the fourth part, but naturally London feels more familiar than 6th century forests.

Titeln är naturligtvis lånad från Lucretius och hans verk dyker upp så småningom i denna första del om Merlin, som handlar om hans första tid i Tintagel och andra platser ur Arthur-legenden. Det är en intressant skildring av livet i 500-talets England, och här fungerar magin, inte som i Nicola Griffiths Hild där magiker egentligen bara ger sken av att ha magiska krafter. Också i denna bok skildras konflikten mellan kristendom och druidernas religion. Redan i denna del åldras inte Merlin på ett naturligt sätt vilket förklarar att han kan återkomma i andra delar av serien som den tidigare utkomna fjärde delen, Protecting Cheesyfee. Denna första del är minst lika spännande som den fjärde delen, men naturligt nog kändes London mer välbekant än 500-talets skogar.

On Amazon – Laurie Buono 22 January 2018

This book is ridiculously fabulous! I couldn’t put it down. The story of Merlin & Arthur just got real!  I haven’t been this moved by a book in a long time.

On Facebook – Kachina Aimee Wolger 10 March 2018

Just finished this utter magic! I absolutely adored it!  I cannot wait for volume 2 … Everyone check out Rhuddem’s gorgeous writings about Arthurian legends and the magic of Merlin/Emrys…. The connection the elements/land/magic as lore is just gorgeous as well as the rich characters we all love so much. The characters especially of the air and the water just left me captivated.