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The annual spring market of Sundbyberg is soon upon us. Thursday 31 May is the day. I will be signing my books (and Ruby, hers) at Klackenbergs book and stationary shop on Sturegatan 27 from 5-8 p.m, either in the shop or outside, depending on the weather. Welcome!


A-Pocket Isle cover 3


Yesterday I just finished chapter 15! Only 10 or so to go? Will my ambition to have a launch party in November or December be fulfilled?
With a little touch of magic perhaps!
By the way, this is not necessarily the cover. But something like it, I think. All the best, Rhuddem






 ‘Merlin and the gods’ yesterday 15 April – I had a brilliant time. Lots of people, lots of interest and encouraging words, lots of books sold and signed. Thank you, Stina! Thank you, E&E for driving us to Uppsala! Thank you, English Bookshop, Uppsala, the Bookshop iof the Year 2018. Thank you, all!

Bookstore of the Year 2018

poster ShC EBS UppsalaCongratulations, English bookshop in Uppsala –  Bookstore of the Year 2018 at the London Book Fair! Well done! But we always knew you are the best!

The photo shows the poster in the window for Ruby’s talk on Shakespeare last year at the English bookshop in Uppsala.

And don’t miss my talk ‘Merlin and the gods’ this week – Sunday 15 April at 4.30 in the afternoon –  at the BOOKSTORE OF THE YEAR 2018!


Merlin and the gods talk

Welcome to my talk, Merlin and the gods, in the English bookshop in Uppsala, Sunday 15 April at 16.30. See more info below.
What is the conflict between Merlin and religion? How did the Christians distort the legend of Merlin and Camelot to suit their own purposes? Why does Merlin cry the words of Lucretius, ‘Tantum religio potuit suadere malrum – Only religion can lead to such evil’?
Find out in this new talk by Rhuddem Gwelin, the author of The Merlin Chronicles.
Get your ticket at the bookshop today – limited seating.
Sunday 15th April at 16.30
Tickets 60:- incl yummy afternoon tea.

Hope to see you all there!


Sunday, 15 April 2018, at 4.30 pm, at the English bookshop in Uppsala I will be giving my talk ‘

Rhuddem reading at launch (Tom)

Merlin and the gods.’ Welcome!