Replicon report Västerås June 2019

Home again after a satisfying week-end at Replicon in Västerås. Photos: 1) My books together with those by Cecilia Larsson Kostenius were almost the first on the tables in the Bookshop. Interest in our translations of each other’s books was gratifying, and sales were OK-ish.  2) If you have sharp eyes you can see my talk ‘And I don’t even like fantasy’ on the screen at the opening ceremony. 3) Reading from my first (I was 5) fantasy book ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ to start my talk. (thanks for the photo, Nina!) 4) Being interviewed by Nina Grensjö in the Bookshop. Some people actually listened. Thanks Nina! (And thanks, Joakim, for the photo).

And here is a report on some of the other highlights:

  1. The opening film – No photo description available. fantastic!
  2. The panel discussion on time travel – most interesting! Even if Doctor Who wasn’t
  3. even mentioned (Annalee told me later it was kind of sensational that nobody mentioned it because they were all thinking of it). Jenny Bristle mentioned one of my favourite books, Kindred by Octavia Butler and the film Twelve Monkeys.
  4. Coffee discussion with Annalee Newitz. What a very nice person and so interesting! I love her book Autonomous.
  5. Manga and anime – thank you, Olivia Bernardsson, you’ve introduced me to a new world!
  6. God dividing by zero: the mathematics of black holes. Yay, Edmund Schleussel! I almost understood this and it was fascinating!
  7. Interview with guest of honour Annalee Newitz, see point 3 above.
  8. My own talk ‘And I don’t even like fantasy’ – amazingly quite a lot of people came considering it was at the same as what I considered the main event – a discussion between Annalee, Charlie Jane Anders and Marika on new perspectives on gender, identity and partnership/families. I so wish I could have heard it but I had a great time with mine. Got some laughs, good comments and tips.
  9. The Hugo award nominees – it’s always interesting to get tips and hear the disagreements of the panellists – ‘it’s the worst/best book I’ve ever read!’
  10. Nina Grensjö interviewing me in the Book Room. Good questions, Nina! It’s always fun to talk about my writing and people actually listened! Sadly I missed the interview with Charlie Jane, which was at the same time. When will be able to clone ourselves?


Thank you, all, for a most rewarding weekend!


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