The Arthur Stone

 There are many Arthur stones in Wales and England. This one in southern Wales is the one Hal and I visited a couple of weeks ago on one of the tours we took. Our guide John – a very nice and knowledgable Welsh gentleman – explained that it was the one with Excalibur and he showed us where the sword had been stuck. I didn’t inform him that there was no Excalibur so therefore it hadn’t been stuck in this stone but I did mention that perhaps not all of the legends and stories are quite true. He took it good-naturedly and said he was looking forward to reading The Nature of Things, which I had given him as thanks for a tour we had been on earlier in the week. I can’t claim that any power emanated from the stone as Hal and I held The Merlin Chronicles card against it, no sparks flew and there was no thunder and lightning, probably because in my version Arthur was never in southern Wales. But it fun to take a photo of it anyway.